Progress Toward Safe Menstrual Hygiene

KATHMANDU: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal (SCBN) handed over two sanitary napkin making machines to Maiti Nepal under its sustainability initiative ‘Futuremakers by Standard Chartered’ on Friday to support Maiti Nepal’s project to produce low-cost sanitary napkins. The project… Read More

The Woman Who Rescued More Than 12,000 Girls From Sex Trafficking

Born on 14th April, 1949 to mother Laxmi Devi Gurung and father Col. Pratap Singh Gurung, in Nepal, Anuradha Koirala also known as Dijju, is one of the most popular Nepalese social activist of India as well as… Read More

Mizoram Grapples Alone With Refugees and Human Trafficking

AIZAWL: Without a concrete national policy on refugees, particularly Rohingyas, the government of Mizoram is in a quandary as the trickle of refugees looks set to become a flood. Altogether, there are about 235 refugees in the state… Read More

Cowshed, the only shelter for lactating mothers in Bajura

BAJURA: Lactating mothers are not directly allowed to go to their homes after they give birth to their babies in most of the villages of Bajura district. They are instead forced to stay in a cowshed. Dharma Buda of… Read More

Nepali woman and her two children die in outlawed ‘menstruation hut’

Menstruation Hut

Chaupadi, a type of menstruation quarantine is an ancient (and now outlawed) traditional practice in Nepal. Menstruating women and their young children are kept apart from the rest of household and must live, eat, and sleep in livestock sheds or other… Read More