Cowshed, the only shelter for lactating mothers in Bajura

BAJURA: Lactating mothers are not directly allowed to go to their homes after they give birth to their babies in most of the villages of Bajura district. They are instead forced to stay in a cowshed. Dharma Buda of… Read More

Nepali woman and her two children die in outlawed ‘menstruation hut’

Menstruation Hut

Chaupadi, a type of menstruation quarantine is an ancient (and now outlawed) traditional practice in Nepal. Menstruating women and their young children are kept apart from the rest of household and must live, eat, and sleep in livestock sheds or other… Read More

More than 300 Nepalis trafficked through Myanmar this winter

Women Trafficked Myanmar

Maiti Nepal is taking in an unprecedented number — 176 — trafficked girls and women. All of them were in the process of being trafficked from Nepal to Southern India and thence to Myanmar and on to the… Read More

Justice: trafficker of 14-year-old village girl sentenced to 20 years in jail

Bara Rapist

NEPAL — a 29 year old Nepali man, Tara Badhour Basent, was sentenced by District Court to 20 years in prison for his crime of trafficking the 14 year girl Barha Bise (not her real name) from his… Read More

In 1991 a Nepali man sold his wife to a brothel. Now he will be going to jail for 20 years.

This true and extraordinary story from May 2013 shows the flagrant nature of sex trafficking in Nepal. It also demonstrates the depth and dedication of Maiti Nepal’s legal services. Slowly the tide is turning — impunity is no… Read More