Police rescue two Nepali women from captivity in India

Parasi, February 21 Two women, who were taken captive in India for the past six months, have been rescued on Thursday night. Read more…

Nepal: Cafe with cause helps trafficking survivors

KATHMANDU, Nepal  Like any other morning, 24-year-old Sushma* climbed the stairs of a two-story building to a restaurant overlooking a bustling Kathmandu street. She tapped to a biometric attendance device and began an eight-hour shift. Read more…

Maiti Nepal: Nepali women are being sold to private houses in India

Kathmandu, December 31 Maiti Nepal, a leading anti-human trafficking NGO of the country, says Nepali women are being sold to private houses and apartments in India of late. Read more…

20 must-visit restaurants in 2020

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: May it be to grab a quick bite, or spend a lazy afternoon or to have a chill weekend with your loved ones here are 20 restaurants that we think you should visit in 2020…. Read More

Two Nepali women rescued from India

KATHMANDU: Maiti Nepal’s office in India rescued two Nepali women from being forced into prostitution when they were about to be sold in New Delhi, India. Both women, 25 years of age, from Kavrepalanchok and Jhapa districts, were… Read More