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Maiti Nepal to rescue 518 children from Tihar jail


Maiti Nepal has begun rescuing around 518 children languishing in a Bihar jail of India. Citing that they were being sent to Kuwait illegally, the Indian government has arrested them and kept at the jail. Releasing them on bail, we are bringing them in Nepal, Chairperson of Maiti Nepal Anuradha Koirala said.

According to her, they are being rescued by paying Rs 5,000 of each child to the Indian government. The Indian government arrested the children who were being taken to Kuwait by brokers making their fake passports and citizenship certificates, Koirala added.

"Children are sexually exploited and are used as domestic workers abroad," she said. "The Government of Nepal should ban Nepali women and children from flying to foreign countries from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi." She said that maximum number of Nepalis stranded in foreign countries do not get necessary help as Nepali embassies have been reeling under financial crisis and human resources crunch.

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