The Heart of the Matter

He sold a 14 year old girl to a brothel in India. Now, with the legal assistance of Maiti Nepal, his victim has seen her trafficker apprehended, convicted, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  Read more.

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On June 14th, Windhorse Festival to Benefit Maiti Nepal

Our first ever Windhorse Festival will take place Saturday, June 14th, RAIN or SHINE in Groton Massachusetts (USA). A fundraiser for Maiti Nepal, generously hosted by Helene's Stables at 435 Martin's Pond Road, the day will offer fun for the whole family. Bring lawn chairs and picnic blankets. If it's raining we'll be inside the huge riding arena, and horse rides will be offered there as well. The festival will feature :

A Very Special Silent Auction 

Live Music

Regional Native American Crafts
New England-based Vendors of Artisanal Craft and Food Items

Fresh Flowers from Skyfields Flower Farm

Beaded Handcrafts made by the Girls at Maiti Nepal

Indian and Nepali foods
Fancy Italian Sweets

Nepali Dance Performance
Prayer Flags from Nepal

Great Bargains at the White Elephant Table

Treats and Balloons for the Kids

Baby Farm Animals to Pet

Working together to combat girl sex trafficking in Nepal

Friends of Maiti Nepal is the official US representative of Maiti Nepal. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the human rights crisis of girl sex-trafficking by supporting Maiti Nepal in its work of prevention, interception, rescue and rehabilitation of victims; and criminal prosecution of perpetrators.

Some of Maiti Nepal's most trailblazing work is on surveillance of the border crosssings between Nepal and India. See slide show at right. Here young women from Maiti (former trafficking victims) work in cooperation with police - watching for suspicious activity, intervening when they see it, and rescuing over 2,ooo girls this year alone, before they could be sold to brothels [more]

20,000 girls a year are trafficked in Nepal

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Girls and young women living in areas shown in red are at highest risk for sex trafficking.

Open Border

The open border at Baratnagar is typical of the unregulated crossing points from Nepal into India. On left see Maiti Nepal's information booth.


Specially trained trafficking survivors check buses cars, donkey carts, rickshaws and bicycles passing into India. They are looking for suspicious parties, and they know what to look for. Border police act in full support.

Questioned Closely

This pair was questioned closely, and then taken off the bus by police.

Close Scrutiny

The screening includes close scrutiny of identification papers.

Questioned Privately

Sometimes girls are taken aside and questioned privately by the young women of Maiti Nepal in their information booths/ offices. Police cooperate and respect the expertise of trafficking survivors.

Graphic Content

Most of the posters and billboards produced by Maiti Nepal have strong graphic content -- they can be understood by those who cannot read.

Women's Day Rally

This rally on Women's Day at the Parsa border crossing is a typical result of the grassroots organizing done by Maiti Nepal.


An 11 year old girl was intercepted recently at the Indian border by the young women of Maiti Nepal. One of over 2,000 girls' lives they saved this year.


Prosecution of traffickers begins with careful documentation, and help for the young girls, many of whom are illiterate.

Interception Residences

Intercepted girls have a safe, clean place to stay -- at any of Maiti Nepal's eleven interception residences.

Street Theatre

Street theatre helps spread the warning about devious sex traffickers of children and young girls.

"Please tell the world about my girls." -Anuradha Koirala