Trekkers Spread The Word

Trekkers Spread the Word

Trekkers Spread The Word

Planning your trek in Nepal? You can help us. 

If you are planning a trek in Nepal you have the opportunity to help Maiti Nepal combat human trafficking.

One of the major goals of Maiti Nepal is to raise awareness within Nepal of the dangers of trafficking. Because many Nepalese live in remote areas with little contact with the outside world, the rural girls are naïve and their parents are easily duped by traffickers.

When trekkers pass through these areas they can play a vital role in disseminating information by distributing pamphlets, posters and encouraging their guides to speak directly with the villagers. Friends of Maiti Nepal will provide the literature and you can provide the all-important distribution.

How to take part in our Trekking Awareness Program:

  • Please contact Friends of Maiti Nepal telling us the dates of your arrival and stay in Kathmandu, the place you are staying, the region where you will be trekking, and the number of trekkers who plan to participate.
  • Friends of Maiti Nepal will make arrangements for Maiti Nepal staff to put together the Trekker’s Package and deliver it to your hotel.
  • Because of the sensitive subject matter, please make sure that the villagers understand and welcome your well-meaning effort to protect their daughters. Your Nepalese guides and translators will help you breach the cultural and language barrier. Your local trekking company will be familiar with the work of Maiti Nepal.

If you would like to participate, please let us know through the contact function at the bottom of this page, using “Trekker” in the subject line. You could help save lives while on vacation.

Do you know the common greeting in Nepal, “Namaste”?
It means: I honor the light within you.

Namaste. And thank you.

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