Organize a Fundraiser

Organize a Fundraiser

There are many ways to raise money and you probably have some good ideas, here are a couple from us:

Show the film

You can show the film “The Day My God Died” and take donations or sell admission tickets. This film event can be combined with a meal or reception. We can supply you with our bookmarks and brochures.

If you have way to be online, remember that you can set up a laptop computer showing the the Friends of Maiti Nepal homepage and have people give online through the Donate Now button featured throughout our site.

Host a dinner party

If you are interested in holding a fundraiser event to benefit Friends of Maiti Nepal, we’d like to help. Please contact us for tips on how to hold a special dinner party to and supply you with intricate beaded bracelets can double as napkin rings. They are handcrafted by the girls at Maiti. In addition bookmarks and brochures are available.

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