Earthquake Emergency, Nepal

Friends of Maiti Nepal is actively collecting and disseminating relief and support to Maiti Nepal from the US donors and others worldwide. Earthquake orphans and other displaced women and children who are severely at risk for human trafficking are now being sheltered and cared for at Maiti Nepal. Anuradha Koirala, founder of Maiti Nepal, estimates that she can add 200 sleeping mats and house the earthquake refugees in Maiti's school. Resources are stretched to the breaking point, but your financial contributions are helping care for these vulnerable survivors of the earthquake.


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Funding is urgently needed to make sure there is sufficient rice, lentils and clothing.  Your contribution will go directly to Maiti's relief efforts. A donation made to Friends of Maiti Nepal is the direct way to get earthquake relief to this experienced and reputable organization which has been working in rescue and rehabilitation of victims for 22 years. Courage, compassion, grace and fortitude! We rely on your help in this hour of need. More updates will be posted frequently.

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babies sleep outdoors post quake

Earthquake Report, Maiti Nepal

Many of the children are very upset and crying with fear as the aftershocks are strong and coming frequently. The sound of the emergency sirens is a constant reminder of the disaster for all the children and young women. For the traumatized teens and young women trafficking survivors, this is particularly difficult. They are helping with the little ones who need constant care.

For safety reasons, all at Maiti slept outdoors and endured the rain and wind, and awakened several times with violent tremors. It will be several days until staff can return to work. Maiti is operating in a state of emergency.

We are thankful and relieved to report that all the women and children at all of the Maiti Nepal facilities have survived. There has been considerable damage to the hospice/chronic care center and several of the border crossing stations and transit homes. We are not sure yet how all the prevention schools have fared. Life at Maiti Nepal in Kathmandu continues to be significantly disrupted and the ongoing hardships are significant. The total impact of the damage has yet been assessed.

Maiti Nepal facilities are all in need of repair and are uninhabitable due to broken windows as well as other damage. Most of the equipment was destroyed  to the and there was almost complete destruction of all electronic equipment including medical equipment and monitors, printers and other technological equipment.

Anuradha Koirala is making a special plea for funds at this time. Please use the Donate Now button on this page. Tag your donation *earthquake relief*. Namaste. Thank you. Bless you.


Working together to combat girl sex trafficking in Nepal

Friends of Maiti Nepal is the official US representative of Maiti Nepal. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the human rights crisis of girl sex-trafficking by supporting Maiti Nepal in its work of prevention, interception, rescue and rehabilitation of victims; and criminal prosecution of perpetrators.

Some of Maiti Nepal's most trailblazing work is on surveillance of the border crosssings between Nepal and India. See slide show at right. Here young women from Maiti (former trafficking victims) work in cooperation with police - watching for suspicious activity, intervening when they see it, and rescuing over 2,ooo girls this year alone, before they could be sold to brothels [more]

20,000 girls a year are trafficked in Nepal

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Girls and young women living in areas shown in red are at highest risk for sex trafficking.


Earthquake damage at Maiti Nepal's Hospice / Chronic Care Center


Anuradha Koirala comforts a toddler frightened by aftershocks.


This infant was only 2 days old when the earthquake struck. Homeless postpartum mom and baby are now living at Maiti Nepal.


The buildings at Maiti are not safe; powerful aftershocks are felt as Anuradha's girls try to sleep outdoors.


Local supporters and well wishers in Nepal are beginning to bring much-needed rice, lentils, and noodles to Maiti.

Safe Haven

16 children from a Sanskrit School were given safe haven at Maiti Nepal after their dormitory was destroyed in the earthquake.


Some children are so numbed by their trauma that they need individual encouragement to eat or take their medicine.


It seems that Anuradha Koirala is everywhere — she knows that morale is just as important as food and water.

With 22 years of experience rescuing and caring for woman and children in the most desperate conditions, Maiti Nepal is organized and effective in an emergency. Their vehicles and staff are delivering life sustaining food,water, and tents to hard-hit rural villages.

At Maiti Nepal, large groups of girls gather under the tarps, staying dry and keeping each other warm.

"Please tell the world about my girls." -Anuradha Koirala